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Electronic cloning machine for duplicating transponders used in vehicle keys. Variations of the primary transponder brands, Philips ® and Texas ®, including fixed and crypto codes, can be cloned to TPX1, TPX2 and TPX4 cloning transponders.

Thanks to the technology developed exclusively by JMA the TRS-5000 EVO is capable of cloning another transponder key without the need for electronic heads or batteries, utilising the same technology as original transponders, and without a computer or internet connection.

Software updating has never been simpler thanks to new PC software that allows TRS-5000 Evo and PC updates to be downloaded and installed in a simple and automated manner.

The simplicity of the machines usability is based on just two buttons (READ & COPY) for the recognition and cloning of transponder keys, displaying detailed information on the transponder type, in addition to the steps to follow for cloning in a clear and easy fashion.

It can operate as a stand-alone device or connected to a computer through USB to utilise some additional features.
TECHNICAL DATA Width: 180 mm
Height: 90 mm
Depth: 150 mm
Weight: 600gr.

POWER SUPPLY External Power: 110/230V; 50/60Hz
Consumption: 9V. d.c. / 2 Amperes

TECHNOLOGICAL DATA Frequency Antenna: 125 KHz / 134.2KHz
Interface: RS232 Port Series & US


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